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Award Winning Resumes is qualified to develop your professional resume and cover letter letter and any other career documents. We received certifications in professional resume writing and have medical education. Est. 1994

Career Coaching Services are provided in person or online. This is for new grads, middle of career, people who want to change their industry or current employment. It is also for persons near retirement age or for any other reasons not mentioned above. Karen can assist you in person or by Zoom, LinkedIn, or by phone, etc.  

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Award Winning Resumes Canada - (AWR)

Office: Yonge & Bishop Avenue, Toronto, Canada



Photo: Karen, your Certified Professional Resume expert and Certified Life Coach.

...CPRW, CRS, BA; Medical Office Diploma. Featured in Toronto Star and also published in books.

Searching for employment doesn't have to be a long journey. At AWR we can help to reduce your time finding employment. You will receive our attention and commitment to helping you through the process.  I am Karen, and I will be your human resources advisor who will guide you through the steps for your search for employment. 

My clients quickly find employment after receiving my resume and cover letter. You may find reviews on this website. Some people want to update their resume whereas others request a brand new resume and/or cover letter. Let's work together so you can be on the right path for your career if you're at entry level, or in the middle of your career or an executive. I meet everyone from all cultures and ages either online or in person.

We understand that you may want to land employment right away. To start, please contact Karen today and send your details such as: education, work experience, volunteer experiences, computer skills, awards, list some of your achievements, and look for a job posting. Everything is confidential. I have creative writing skills to attract an employer and write resumes and cover letters so they sound persuasive and convincing. Call the office Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 7:00 pm, EST. Leave a message. You can email 24/7.  I welcome you to Award Winning Resumes, a dependable company that's existed since 1994.   




Reduce your time searching for work with my skills in resume writing. Tell me about the type of work you would like to do. Your job title(s), years of experience, the industry. Award Winning Resumes, Toronto, Canada; Karen Shane, Certified Resume Writing and Certified Life Coach; extensive medical terminology, and professional writing skills since 1994. Turnaround time: Only a few days! 

You definitely will benefit hiring a twice certified resume writer and certified life coach such as Karen. She has prepared career documents since 1994 and is a founding member of Career Professionals of Canada. She received the CPRW and CRS, two certifications within the resume industry.  Karen has medical terminology education.



Not sure what your life purpose is yet? Would you like to be paid for doing something you are already passionate about? Let's get together and talk about where you are in your career and if you should change your career path.  Karen sees people in person at the Toronto (North York) office near Finch Subway and meets them online. 


Just imagine, in a short period of time if you work with me, your world could open up in such a positive light. This could lead to many new opportunities. 

Read reviews on my website. Find me on Linked In. Google: Karen Shane resumes Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Yonge and Finch near the Finch Subway. Online - Zoom, LI for example. In person - book an appointment. Email 416.226.0460 Monday to Friday. 


1) Give Karen a call at 416-226-0460, or send an email with your details to; and specify your career goals. 

2) Locate a job posting if possible.

3) A  Zoom, LinkedIn Video, or phone call will follow.

4) Choose your resume package. 

5) You will have the chance to review your documents. 

6) Payment is by etransfer or by debit, or credit card at the time of order.

Turnaround time:  from 2-7 days. Priority Service for same day service is often available. Call ahead to reserve your spot to work online or meet in person.


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