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Award Winning Resumes Canada

I am Karen, and will be your HR Advisor and Certified Professional Resume Writer and Life Coach. Clients quickly find employment after receiving my resumes and cover letters. Thinking about updating or hiring a professional for a resume and cover letter? I will go over your details and will write everything for you.  I would like to know what you do for work, the number of years of experience, the industry, and where you'd like to work. Or, are you going to apply for an internal position in the same company?  What is the salary are you seeking?  All information is confidential. 

416.226.0460 or


1) Give Karen a call at 416-226-0460 or send an email with your details to 

2) Locate a job posting if possible. If you can't find one, we can help you.

3) We will outline resume packages to choose from.

4) Payment is by etransfer or credit card online. A receipt is provided. 

5) We can meet virtually on Zoom, LinkedIn, or in person. 

6) You will have the opportunity to review your new or updated documents. 

Don't have a resume? Then send us information about your education, employment including dates, job titles, special skills, awards, licences, volunteer work.


Excerpt from the Professional Association of Resume Writers LinkedIn site:

Working with a PARW/CC member is similar to hiring a personal advertising agency to market you successfully. The resume is your "sales message"​ that must stand out from the competition! Association members can guide you in targeting your message to appropriate employers through networking targeted mailings, the Internet, social networks, your own career field's association, etc.; then, they help you prepare for the hiring interview so you stand out from the other finalists as the best choice for the available position. Our most known certifications are for professionals in resume writing (CPRW).

Now Karen continues with:  I was awarded the CPRW certificate in 2006. 

I have prepared resumes and cover letters since 1994. I also hold the Certified Resume Strategist certificate from Career Professionals of Canada.  Contact me, Karen Shane when you're ready to move forward in your career! I'll assist you one-on-one either online or meet you at my office. I'm also a Certified Transition Coach and know medical terminology. 

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