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Thinking about ordering from a Certified Resume Pro?

5.  You want a résumé to attract a prospective employer’s attention.

You want your resume to end up in the short pile to improve your chances for an interview.

4.    You need to identify your key achievements. An expert document by a certified resume writer describes what you have done successfully and emphasizes how you could benefit their company.

3.    A powerful résumé shortens your time looking for work. If your salary was $70,000 at your last job, then think about how much money you will be missing each week that you do not have work.  On the other hand, you could be looking out for a better job, and are seeking a promotion and higher salary. Let us know!

2.    A Certified Résumé Writer will demonstrate your value in the benefits you can offer a      prospective employer that you may have missed while trying to write your own resume.

  • A CPRW – Certified Professional Resume Writer – has ‘demonstrated attainment of the highest standards and qualifications within the resume industry’.

  • A CRS (Certified Résumé Strategist) understands where the client is at in his or her career and makes suggestions to help guide the job seeker in the right direction.

  1. The number one reason is that a significant number of all other job candidates will be ordering from certified professional resume writers. Therefore, if you submit a resume that you type yourself, it may only stand a 15% chance of being read.


There are no shortcuts to representing yourself with a professional image. You would go to a dentist for a cavity, or see a lawyer for legal document. When it comes to your career, you should hire a Certified Resume Writer. Many hours of time and effort will be devoted to your documents.


Each resume and cover letter is customized for each client. We do updates and other administrative services such as letter writing, editing, and interview coaching.

Now it is up to you to contact me, Karen Shane, your personal resume writer. Everything will be in confidentiality. It is a good idea to email and then write to me. Please leave a message if no one answers the phone in the evening hours, or during the day, I may be meeting with a client in the meeting room or working over the phone with a client. My team and I work by phone and email or in person.  Payment is by etransfer or cash.  Learn more by emailing today.


Send your ‘resume’ / C.V. and a job posting for a quote

Karen Shane, B.A., CPRW (Certified Professional Resume Writer), CRS (Certified Resume Strategist) Location: 7 Bishop Av., Toronto, ON, Canada M2M 4J4.Telephone: 416-226-0460.