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Career Counselling & Coaching


Are you still wondering what to do for employment? Do you wish you could land a good job where you could get paid for what you love to do? Are you passionate about a hobby but aren't sure how to build upon it and earn a good income from it? Confused? Maybe you are trying to figure out what industry you could work in. Do you have three or four ideas you'd like to raise to my attention? You need someone to talk to who knows about the process of landing work. 

I'm Karen and can become your Career Counsellor and Coach. I'll help you sort out everything, just as I have done for past clients. 

I help people who want to become successful. You'll receive one on one attention, guidance and direction from me, your Human Resources Advisor and Certified Transition Life Coach.  Take action now and overcome all the unrest as you embark upon your journey in your career path. Something is holding you back, let's sort everything out on the phone or during a Zoom call.

You can select from our Career Counselling Packages to suit your budget. We'll email you more about the process so you can take the next step toward your success. 

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