Covid 19 isn't over yet, how am I supposed to get a job, Dad?

Updated: Feb 28

Son, there are so many job postings around. I was looking online for you and found a few you may be interested in. Let's send them to the Certified professionals at You know, now they helping clients using Zoom and doing resumes by phone.

Dad, you know about Zoom? Sure Son, I'm up to date with things. I even know about Google Meet. I hear that there's a resume writer, Karen and she has been writing resumes for 28 years. Let's get her on the phone to help you get your first job.

Son: Really? Karen has been developing resumes and cover letters since 1994? That's before I was born!

Dad: Well, there you have it, email this lady Karen at and find out how she can help you. I bet she can, and will come up with a good resume for you.

Son: Thanks for the advice Dad. Look, I found her number online! It's 416-226-0460 and now I'm looking at her website: And she has a second website, I'll let you know what happens Dad.

Result: Karen arranged an appointment for me on Tuesday, and she asked me questions and she said she has some good ideas for my resume. This is good news, Dad. I will be ready at my laptop 10 minutes before she sends the link, Join Meeting In Progress. Technology is great, and I don't have to travel to her office at Yonge/Finch in Toronto. It would take me time from Hamilton to get there if I would drive or take the bus, right Dad? Yes.

Dad: Guess what? I received a great new resume and cover letter. It's like Karen could read my mind. She put everything into words much better than I could have done! Wow! This resume is amazing. She told me that I could do Save As and change the name of the company each time I apply in the cover letter. Dad, you're the best! I'm so glad you helped me find Karen of Award Winning Resumes.

Dad: You know what? It's only 4 days after I got my resume and I have an interview already! Oh my gosh, this is great news. Now, how am I supposed to know what to say in the interview. Dad: Call Karen, she knows all about that and I remember her telling me that she does interactive interview training on Zoom. It's like we struck gold! One stop shopping at AWR - Award Winning Resumes!

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