Covid 19 isn't over, how am I supposed to get a job Dad?

Son, there are so many job postings around. I was looking online for you and found a few you may be interested in. You know, now they are interviewing using Zoom.

Dad, you know about Zoom? Sure Son, I'm up to date with things. I even know about Google Meet. I hear that there's a resume writer called Karen Shane and she has been writing resumes for 26 years.

Son: really? That's before I was born!

Dad: Well, there you have it, email this lady Karen at and find out how she can help you. I bet she can, and will come up with a good resume for you.

Son: Thanks for the advice Dad. I'm going to email her and then I'm going to phone her. I found her number online! It's 416-226-0460 and now I'm looking at her website: Oh, she has another website too: How about that? Two resumes! Kewl. I'll let you know what happens Dad.

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