Dad, how much will my resume cost?

Updated: Feb 28

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Email these guys at: with your information if you want to get hired very soon. Dad: Remember, you should think about Quality > Price, because your education will be reflected on your resume and it is valuable.

You don't want a 'typing job' George, you need someone who will know what will grab the attention of an employer. You need a Certified Resume Writer to make your resume and cover letter competitive in today's job market. 'You pay for what you get'. Son, there are no short cuts now. It won't cost a lot, Karen has good fees. My friend said that she brings out achievements and results extremely well.

If you give them your information like your existing resume and a job posting, they'll take charge and make sure you will get a great professional resume because they are certified. I did this and ended up working 2 weeks after getting my resume update and new cover letter! Now I'm earning more in salary compared to my last job. So this means my annual income will be higher than last year. That resume I got was really good. You should call them at 416-226-0460. They're in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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