George, how much will my resume cost?

Check out the website because there are fees shown on the home page. I was on their home page today, and this is what you should do next:

Email these guys at: with your details.

If you give them your information like your existing resume and a job posting, they'll take charge and make sure you will get a great professional resume because they are certified. I did this, Gail, and ended up working 2 weeks later! Now I'm making more in salary than at my last job. So this means my annual income will be higher than last year. That resume I got was really good. You should call them. I've got the number near my computer.

Gail: Good so I can phone them.

George: Here's the number: 416-226-0460 and you can text them at 647-546-9282, but make sure you give them the name of the job title you're after. And they want ya to find a job posting, so try to find one. They say that it's better cuz they can use keywords or something. Whatever they did, I became successful!

Gail: ok fantastic, I'll call them today. Thanks George. You've been so helpful.

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