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Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Once again, Award Winning Resumes has been recognized for delivering high quality resume writing services from entry level to executives.

When you're searching online and can't find a 'professional resume writing service near me' turn to the expert resumes writers who are certified at Award Winning Resumes. We work by Zoom, so it is like working with a professional resume writer near you, because we will meet face to face. Or if you prefer a phone call let us know.

Last week a client told me that she was looking for 10 months for someone to do her resume. Instead, she asked a friend and that resulted in five spelling errors and she sent off her resume but did not get any calls. Then she sent her resume to me after a phone conversation and I asked: Did you know that your phone number appears with two digits different from the number showing on my phone? She was shocked. No wonder she didn't get phone calls. Another client had forgotten to put his phone number on his resume. This led to disaster for him because he also didn't get an email or call for an interview. This is what happens when job candidates don't hire a professional resume writer who is trained to spot errors as such.

For more information contact Karen at with your information.

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