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Together at home with a relative, you can review each another's resume and think about your career goals since the Covid 19 virus interrupted our lives these past few months.


Then you, your loved ones, friend and colleagues could consider asking me, a CPRW Certified Professional Resume Writer to improve your career documents so they will stand out from the thousands of other job candidates. The time is now to make your resume ready.


Think about job stability. 

Will your job be at the same job when all this is over?

The company where you work now will either welcome you back or suddenly might tell you that they have to cut back financially and let you go. 

This will no doubt be a shock, however, if you keep your resume "ready to go" to apply for another employment position, it should make for an easier career transition to another company or organization. Think about this.

This is the reality of our society right now, but you can do something for yourself, your spouse, and your kids if you take the next step to connect with Karen to spruce up your resume documents. Think positive and good things will happen! We'll do all the work for you.

Keep your resume on hand and updated all the time. Email: and call the office: 416-226-0460.